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Epiphany of the Dreamer, Pulaski, VA

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  • Epiphany of the Dreamer, Pulaski, VA

    To fly, to glide, blissfully unaware.
    The smaller, the lighter, right?
    Speedy, agile, and altogether fair.

    The future ahead seeming so bright,
    Outside like Nike; inside, the hidden waste.
    Soon this glorious run will meet its night.

    The wearing away, before making no haste.
    Now results in the fall, crash, and burn.
    What was once in its prime, today debased.

    Devastated and disconsolate, the need to learn.
    Restrictions and foolishness led to this ill,
    The body needs sustenance, we can only hope for return.
    Now the agreement of body and mind; still,
    Healing inside, understanding the reason.
    The internal recovery obtained by no pill.

    No one's fault, her mind the treason.
    May she possibly ever have another season?