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    His immortal spirit has been season from yesterday here he lay
    as he watches with a gaze his mind tangles into a maze as his

    former lover slaves away from dawn to dusk at this
    ancient café He comes back haunted with so many
    words to say: If I could fly to tops of the world
    heaven would rescue me and give me a resting place
    with my favorite girl I wanna believe that our spirits
    will finally meet there won't be no more misery just
    heavenly peace like the pain of kryptonite his spirit
    will always creep into more righteous lies

    Demons don't wanna be baptized with a disguise
    Si Yo Muero[If he dies]Hopefully his day of
    judgments will come from the skies

    He comes back haunted with a
    body that shook with chills
    When he gave up the will to live
    Even the angels couldn't seal
    this deal

    The evil spirits always wanted him to kneel
    down for the kill too bad he can't control
    this will as he watches another man tell his
    lover how she suppose to feel he wishes he
    could take another roller coaster ride of thrills

    The multiplication of weary demons never ends
    I wish he could taste the affects of his juice and gin
    There's a hero within us pulling for us to win
    he will always come back haunted for his loss love
    over and over again

    All Rights Reserved (c) 2015
    Shirley Elane Matthews
    Haunted 3 ::::
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