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  • Jump-in

    This is just something my kids and I do on facebook to try and keep their creative side flowing, but it's so fun. I figure with all the talent here, it would be really interesting. Anybody can start a jump-in, and how it works is the first person starts a poem, then somebody jumps in on it, whether it's off of the theme, off of one verse, off of one word, whatever. Then the next person jumps in off of anything that caught their eye in any of the precious poems. Any style of poetry is welcome. Anyone can jump in at any time. So...

    Nights roll into days, and days roll into nights

    My mind, it sometimes strays when I turn out the lights

    A crazy purple haze slowly sparks and ignites

    Midnight dreams ablaze as the lowly serpent bites...

    As the church bells rang, a single fang tore my skin

    The noise of the the poison brings a rush from within

    The venom flows deep as I weep of what I've done

    A black sheep sleeping becomes a wolf he can't outrun

    Jekyll and Hyde, but I can't hide from me

    I no longer want to be who I wanted to be

    The serpent haunted me and hunted me and dragged me away

    My heroin becomes my heroine as she gets me through the day

    Morphine morphing into a seamless transition

    of a room within a room within a room with a mortician

    A tomb within a tomb, as I lay lifeless on a gurney

    Born to cry, born to die, as I ride my final journey

    Faces blend together of the names I never knew

    Forgive me, everybody, for the hurt I put you through

    Flatlined, rewind...lost my heart and lost my mind

    until I finally found the Light I was dying to find...
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