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  • Haunted 2

    His immortal spirit has been season from external blows while he watches from below hell blows in the whitest snow his soul burns of flesh begins to float for days as his former lover slaves away from dawn to dusk at this ancient café He comes back haunted with so many words to say: If I could fly to the top of the world heaven would rescue me and give me a resting place with my favorite girl I wanna believe that our spirits will finally meet in heaven there won't be no more misery just peace the evil spirits aren't always easy to please

    He can't believe the after life could feel so real
    Why are daffodils growing on the window seal
    In hell you will never hear chants that's says:
    I wanna live I wanna live

    He wants his lover to take this magic pill
    run with the spirits up the hill and beg
    the spirits to let him feel then he realize
    that peace won't be still

    The constant war between the Id and the
    super ego always gets in his way
    this isn't a movie that's been staged

    When his eyes turns from blue to gray he
    gets this adrenaline rush: he never forgets love
    is the emotion that connects us
    (dust to dust)

    Oh mortal soul I can't I can't
    remember your touch
    I miss so much

    As he wanders he can see the skies are bright
    He's always in anticipation of the first light
    He mumbles to himself : he had a beautiful life
    His thirst for righteous will not be sacrifice
    There's so many demons to fight

    He has seventy-two hours to make this right
    He comes back haunted and scorn with fright
    A rise from hell to earth to propose and take
    a wife

    He comes back haunted he finally
    sees the light no more darkness
    and lonely nights

    All Rights Reserved (c) 2015
    Shirley Elane Matthews
    Haunted 2 : : :
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