He came back haunted to retrieve the map of the world
his spirit is destined to spread haste what will be untenable fate
he's determined to feed demons that walk with the devil's champion
friends demons that will walk the universe until end until his spirit
comes back haunted again wicked and veraciously lame
with demons he never could tame

Darkness and light will never be the same
A promise of fortune and fame won't change
the game as he laughs hysterically he knows
heaven will bust hell open until eternity

He can't believe he's shaking profusely
when God whisper to angel of death don't
give him calamity he screamed to the
demons please set him free

Lets count back to the times
when hell finally froze into snow
Is hell where the weary soul goes

The burning of flesh will tell
the tale how his soul missed
the glitches of hell
his spirit comes back haunted
without coffin and nails

He's on the top of the highest mountain
where demons still leaves trails of how many
times he failed how many ships must
sail before heaven has traded places
with hell

He's not ready to see his next of kin

His spirit will come back haunted again
that's when the circle of life begins
Here comes the devil with that devilish grin
It's a revelation we are born into sin

All Rights Reserved(c) 2015
Shirley Elane Matthews