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  • Anonymous Hippopotamus

    I choose to remain anonymous said the hippopotamus
    I’ll stay here in the lake and not a wake I’ll make
    Squinting little eyes, despite my giant size
    Floating like a bubble, not looking for no trouble

    You might think the least, of a Wildebeest
    Dust to raise a cloud, stampede in numbers proud
    Across the Serengeti, are you set get ready
    If trouble comes a brewing, a dust cloud is ensuing

    No attention do I seek, said the antelope so meek
    Left alone to brose and graze, with a family to raise
    With horns upon my head, I’d rather run instead
    When it comes to trouble, I’m leaving on the double

    To just live life in peace, yet some things never cease
    Those enemies wait and hope to seal ones fate
    What defenses do you have, dam he’s big and bad
    Anonymous you think, when a hippopotamus gets mad

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    So inspiring! I feel the deep meaning of this poem. I am trying to search the rest of your works. Concrete Pumping NorCal


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