he loves the roadsides' fresh cut grass
and i long for the amber glow of tiger lilies
it's the little things
that keep us strong
he keeps me warm
while i keep him busy
yet he always knows how to surprise me
just when i think i have it all figured out
he's a curve-ball
in a world full of four-seam fastballs
i can't do him justice with anything that i write
because there's always some trait he possesses
that i manage to leave in reserve
always a corner of his garden that i leave uncultivated
he keeps me safe
and i keep him cared for
i understand the way he moves
thinks and feels
he'll never have to wonder if I love him
whenever I begin to lose hope
he reignites the fire in my heart
and makes me feel the butterflies that didn't die during the chilly winter
he captivates me with his intelligence
and i thrive on keeping him at bay
i want to be his compass
in a world full of aimless people
he keeps me alive
because there have been days where i doubted my capabilities
when i lost everyone
he became my perspective
and kept me afloat
in a current of negativity
he keeps me same
and i keep him