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Just another sled race

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  • Just another sled race

    It gets dark early, this far north
    When the ice lay thick upon the lake
    Drifted snow with peaks of white
    Wind spread icing on a cake
    Northern lights dance red and green
    And dare the stars to mate

    Mush you huskies mush
    A ghost town lay ahead
    Mush you huskies mush
    What purpose be the stead
    Mush you huskies mush
    Heart of gold that pulls this sled

    A thousand miles to Dome
    This last great race upon the earth
    Endurance be the fame and fortune
    To show the world your worth
    As if you’d need a reason
    For a craving gained at birth

    Mush you huskies mush
    Leave Anchorage behind
    Mush you huskies mush
    Up Rainy pass though pines
    Mush you huskies mush
    Till you hear the church bells chime

    Iditarod, every mushier know the same
    Can he stand the cold or blizzard
    Will the Yukon call his name
    His fate a pack of howling hounds
    Can the wildness be tamed
    Iditarod, a ghost towns claim to fame

    Mush you huskies mush
    Though your paws might bleed
    Mush you huskies mush
    Pull my sled into the lead
    Mush you huskies mush
    The Iditarod------ Indeed

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    Whoa...this is an extraordinary''piece the imagery and content ''has great appeal...