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Alone in a Graveyard

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  • Alone in a Graveyard

    Left alone in a graveyard
    A headstone for a seat
    Where ghostly shadows guard
    This place of last retreat

    Silent are the moon beams
    In waning, waxing sash
    Slowly moving, so it seems
    Disappear in shadow cast

    Haunting midnight melody
    Refrained in natures sounds
    Speaks in long lost empathy
    Whispering memoirs it found

    Of the dead, long since forgotten
    Only time remembers when
    Traced on a moon beam begotten
    Were light and shadows blend

    Upon a headstone preached
    A slab of stone to sit
    Within my soul I searched
    When the cold upon me lit

    Calm the chill came over me
    Who’s sins for suicide atones
    I brushed away the grass to see
    My name upon the stone

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    Divot, man, that was fire, and that twist left my head hurting eyes burning homie crying... had to be honest


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      Believe it or not, same here. I had to read the ending 3 times. I facepalmed myself and leaned back, closing my eyes. GREAT job.


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        WOW. 👍


        • Jiynx Diablo
          Jiynx Diablo commented
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          I know, right?

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        Thanks you, I do appreciate it so.


        • Jiynx Diablo
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          You're very welcome

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        Awesomely Sad!