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  • Smatter

    The tears from last night burned
    I screamed its not fair
    Everything turned
    I screamed I don't care

    I made someone cry
    And that someone I care about
    I promise I don't mean to lie
    Everyone has to doubt

    Doubt who I am
    But at the same time I ask myself who am I?
    I feel as if I am a sham
    I always need to ask myself why

    Why I do what do, belive what I believe, and had to live what I lived
    I say I'm done, don't know what to do, don't know how to act anymore
    I believed
    In everyone I put trust into but then they gave up on me and put me into war

    But my life isn't mine
    It isn't in my hands any longer 'cause if it was I'd be gone now
    I wouldn't have to deal with this and be made into a disincline
    I have now disavow

    Goodbye to all who ponder on me
    Who gave up on me or anyone for that matter
    You don't deserve me as you can see
    I guess all I did was smatter

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    I like this.