My name is Tommy and my name is Sue
So let us both tell you what we like to do.
It's our own little secret that we keep from our teacher
Because we're two tricky students who are intelligent creatures.

When the time arrives to pay attention and learn
We'll stroll on over sharing our bathroom concerns.
And if our teacher doesn't give us the chance
Then we'll both perform the BATHROOM DANCE.

We'll cross our legs with hands on hips
Bounce up and down doing a bathroom dip.
Our eyes will squint as she will see
And we'll quickly say "It's an emergency!"

She'll stare at us deciding, "Yes" or "No"
Then calmly state, "You went 10 minutes ago!"
"But we have to go, we have no choice."
As we'll plan to say with panic in our voice.

We'll continue to wait with fear in our eyes
And if she only knew this was our bathroom disguise.
Then all of a sudden in her teacher stance
She'll ask, "Tommy and Sue, was that your BATHROOM DANCE?"

The bathroom dance she'll want to discuss
And we'll truly learn she is smarter than us.
We'll be reminded about the bathroom rules
Plus how we're supposed to act in school.

Finally our secret, many will know
And our bathroom dance will soon have to go.
My name is Tommy and my name is Sue
So what bathroom dance do you like to do?