It was the New Year, January 4th 1997
A miracle was about to be born
You can say she came straight from heaven
But her mother could beg the differ, she didn’t want her,
No money for abortion,
So she hid the pregnancy trying to hide her
And on that night
Like Satan she tries to take a life
Looking into those little, brown, eyes
The baby girl cries
Tears that could cry a tide
But despite the cries
She positions her in a little black bag and ties a little tie,
With no remorse or hesitation
In the shattered window next door is where she places her…
And down her face I bet not a tear drops,
All she wished for, was that tiny heart to stop
But she was something like an angel
And although life ahead was busy and all tangled
She got a 2nd chance that day when her uncle heard her
And they smashed through bolted doors trying to find to her
Police men fell through floors trying to save her
A beautiful life tried to be taken but god protected her
A second chance is indeed what he did,
Cause the doctors said due to extremely cold weather
She had less than 3 minutes left to live
Beautiful and intelligent is what she would turn out to be
But growing up her beauty and intelligence?
Deep inside it was hard for her to see
All she had was her me-ma and pop pop
Raised her till she was 9
Then they died
And once again her heart dropped
Than the maternal aunt took custody of her and her 2 siblings
She had them checks on a hook, there wasn’t anybody else fishing
But you see the aunt had her own so she didn’t care for them
She was in it for the money, in it to win it so she had to pretend
4 years later and she split each one of the siblings up
Had 1 in foster care
The other one in placement
But the little one is still in her grasp,
I think it’s safe to say it’s kind of like being incarcerated
So that 2nd chance got her 2nd guessing
Cause the way she’s living is never a way
A little girl supposed to be living
Now she’s growing up, she a lost soul don’t no how many time heart can brake
So she wishes on stars to go back in time
An expunge herself cause she thinks she’s a mistake
Thinks to herself how far she has to go learn the real meaning of pain,
She wonders is it a lesson?
Now everyday it god’s name that’s she’s questioning
Because when all the wishing on stars
Turned to sayings prayers
She prayed night after night that
Her foster dad wouldn’t come touch her there
Seemed to her god wasn’t listening
Cause he never stopped it nor was he ever there
How could she ever call a pig to her block?
Report molestation to the law? , she was raped by a cop
No one believed her so she just ran
That’s all she did her whole life, hopped from foster homes to group homes
Running away was all she could understand
Until she ran a got introduced to the wrong crowd
They took advantage she didn’t see although it was clear and loud
15 years go bye she thinks it’s over now,cause she secretly reunited with her mom
Just thought it is perfect, thought it was worth it
Wanted it to be exactly what she had longed
But boy was she guessing because she was wrong
She’s in raged he gave her a 2nd too
Why didn’t she take the chance?
It’s been 15 years and she still has yet to take a stance
She says that she is worthless; they should a left her in the bag
Got her going through it, every one she loves leaves her
All the haves, turn to had
All the good seems bad
Went from straight A’s to C’s and D’s
Never imagined a life so sad
It’s like she’s looking at her mothers
As she looks inside the mirror
And that’s the worst part, her image isn’t fading
It’s only becoming clearer
So through all the suffering and all the pain
Through all the clouds and through the rain
Standing tall, she remains
18 years later she got tired of all the running
She found herself, goes to school and man she loves it
She try’s her best although there’s a lot that goes on life
Like her migraines keeping her up at night
With the court dates, all the sentencings
The stress can seem infinite
But nevertheless I still stand tall
Please no that I gave this essay/poem my all
and every last word in this poem was true as can be
every last word in this poem was about me, Valery