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  • Father's Day

    To all loving FATHERS today is your day
    A day to be honored your father's day way.
    And since it's your time here's what I will do
    I'll write a short poem in honor of you.
    Now this poem I'll write will be out of the norm
    Because it will take on its own true heavenly form.
    Plus the following words will contain your surprise
    It's a gift that's been staring you straight in the eyes.
    But first it's important as a father to see
    How your Father's Day gift truly came to be.
    Before you were born there was the Other Side
    And a soul loving family where you chose to reside.
    You had family and friends plus partners too
    Who cherished each other and cherished you.
    Then at last you decided to design your own plan
    To meet one another during your present life span.
    You chose your purpose before you returned
    Then started your journey to love and to learn.
    And part of your purpose was a father to be
    Who would raise his own family affectionately.
    So as you continued to journey you couldn't ignore
    Your future partner and friends you'd known somewhere before.
    You did pay attention because you felt so connected
    To your new loving partner your heart simply detected.
    You developed a relationship and married your bride
    Who knew you and treasured you on Divine's Other Side.
    Now many years later you know you've been blessed
    Because the family that surrounds you is the "GIFT" you possess.
    Sons and daughters, sisters and brothers
    Your soul loving partner plus your father and mother.
    And if part of your family has left to pass through
    Just know that each member still admires you.
    So the Father's Day gift that's been staring at you
    Is the family who loves you and honors you too.
    But it's essential to note and vital to report
    That the gift YOU provide is your guidance and support.