Many songs that are written by artists you know
Strike an emotional chord creating emotions to flow.
And just think of a time listening to songs you adored
Told you a story you experienced before.
Songs about heartbreak, someone leaving you so
Brought you such heartache when watching them go.
And unrequited love, you may have been there before
Feeling rejected and disappointed really stung at the core.
Songs about love the highest energy of all
In heart and in mind you'd like to recall.
Plus songs about dying, family members and friends
When losing a loved one you needed to mend.
So as you read on please try to reflect
Back to the songs you remember and their emotional effect.
I'll mention a few that were a favorite of mine
When I was a teenager during a harmonious time.
David Gates lost a loved one that was really well-known
So he sang and he pleaded, "I would give Everything I Own."
And he also did sing a beautiful Diary song
Thinking she loved him is what he thought all along.
Then Chicago did state, Wishing You Were Here
Because losing a partner left us feeling despair.
Plus Love Is Like Oxygen by a band that's so Sweet
Was feeling so high as they played their love beat.
I'm Not In Love by the group 10CC
Helped some of us express openly.
And How Deep Is Your Love is a question we ask
Because how many experience a deeper love that will last?
A Higher Love is what many continue to search for
So pay attention to Steve Winwood as he's searching for more.
In the group Fleetwood Mac, Lindsay did say,
"It's time for you Stevie to Go Your Own Way."
And She's Gone is a song many like to erase
Because when a loved one walks out it's a slap in the face.
I'd like to go on and list a few more
But you know each song's message and what each one stands for.
So as you listen to songs I truly believe
That many will utter, "This song has happened to me!"
Since music does carry our memories back
Whether painful or not your heart will react.
And many do want their memories to last
Especially the memories that emerge from the past!