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  • Cave

    Lured me in with myth and mystery
    Kept me close and drew our history
    Led me deep with twists and turns till he
    Left me lost with black surrounding me.

    Was swallowed in by faded velvet sea
    Tempted to stay as its waves warmed me
    Till my echoes screamed and I took heed
    Knew the freshest left the rest to bleed.

    Starved and barely able to see,
    Fumbling around and pretending to be
    The last time I cried I fell to my knees
    And one last time let myself watch you leave.

    I was searching for weeks and weeks,
    Blindly crawling lower beneath
    Till the air became too thick to breathe
    Parched my tears and left my eyes to see.

    The walls crept in, I made my plea
    And far away saw breathlessly
    One speck of sun sent a friendly gleam
    A smiling, steady, gentle beam.

    It grew bigger and brighter till we
    Were left behind in dust and debris
    The dark morphed into clarity
    And the wind swept away your memory
    I took a breath and stepped out and see,
    I think that I am finally free
    I’m never getting lost again, I think I am finally free.