We are from two different worlds
We speak the same language
But neither of us are fluent in it
And the barrier throws off our harmony

We lay flat

Exactly 8.3 inches from each other
Careful not to have any contact
Since we can’t verbalize our feelings
Nor can he get my dialect

In the end – he still wants to be heard

So I silence myself to strangle the strong possibility
Of being misunderstood
He chokes it out of me
But my truth is almost never in sync with his
And he holds the trump card

I fold

Wondering what the point is of being bold
Realizing my inputs and opinions
Should never be told
And I should adopt the days of old
Where women were seen and not heard
To most women like me, that’d sound absurd
In my case, it works
It has perks
A happy husband and no debates
No misunderstandings
Nor countless dates
With my journal
Because praying to God is good enough these days
That’s what it feels like

I can’t win with him
But I’m lost without him
So I stay and search for a solution
And though when I was growing up
Biggest silenced was the biggest thing I loathed
Actions speak louder than words
But I’ve learned that silence can be heard over both