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The letter of comfort

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  • Electron.John
    Very touching. Well written. Thanks for posting this.

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  • flutegirl153
    started a topic The letter of comfort

    The letter of comfort

    Her battle with cancer was a year long
    And her smile used to be so bright
    I stumble across a CD with her favorite song
    Reminding me of how much she had to fight

    I got a letter in the mail from a name I’ve never heard of
    Asking to meet me for dinner at four
    We met and she showed nothing but understanding and love
    Sharing things I would have never guessed before

    She said her son just passed recently after a six month fight
    And it broke her heart when he died
    The more she spoke I felt less alone and like everything was going to be alright
    Before we left we finished our dinners and cried

    I then realized although my life is filled with pain everything will be fine,
    The choice to accept and move on is mine.