Erato – muse of my verse
Inspire from above
Showers of love
That fall like an inverse curse
Into these dry eyes
That have not seen the demise
As tears expanding
Mind now understanding
The strife
Darkness in life
True beauty on earth
And women’s real worth

We begin in the Garden
Site of the original sin
Hearts tender start to harden
Shame wrapped in animal skin
Woman, mother of all
Forbidden fruit
Hawwah, blamed for our fall
Now the Devil takes root
2 halves creating corruption
Reproduction and destruction
But history only remembers Eve’s seduction

As history continues…
Behold, great immoral sinews
Athenian daughters - currency exchanged
Virgin girls - marriages arranged
Debt collection and oppression
Disconnection grows
Juxtapose another patriarchal society
One with greater impropriety
Law of Romulus - unnatural selection
Misogyny bottomless – natural infection

Psyche taking shape…
Slavery, abuse, child loss, rape
This collection of pain
Women carry like a ball and chain
Passing it down like a weight undeserved
To these young minds ill preserved
Girls made to want the male gaze
And satisfy carnal ways
Sonnet 129
Points to the sign
Lusty X-X-X
And on to the next
Regarded only as pleasure
Left, undiscovered treasure

Young girls suffer in silence
Quiet their voices and endure the violence
Don’t think, don’t speak, don’t act
Your life is nothing but a matter of fact
Kill creativity, spontaneity, and intuition
Or be forced into submission
Promise to obey
And these knuckles and fist
The ones that you kissed
Will stay at bay
Too late! Bullet to the head
Left for dead
Pen name AKA Gul Makai
So say goodbye

What have men done!
Beautiful women shun
Will this pen no longer write?
Girl from Swat Valley takes flight
Brain swelling
Girl’s rebelling
Just wanted an education
In Birmingham fighting for salvation
Malala, take rise
Heart inflame
Second reprise
Sign your name,
AKA Nobel-Peace-Prize

So take notice
Of this blue lotus
Because victory is blooming
Through a spirit all-consuming
But you must trust your Source
To stay the course
Knowing true beauty lies inside
A fire that can’t be denied
To understand is to proclaim
To this Beautiful Woman aflame
You are a female force and vitality
Unleash it and know your totality