Sweet Embryo

Punches and kicks as my belly expands
I weakened and waddled, could barely stand
Growing inside of me, this wasn’t planned
Looked down at my stomach trying to understand

Fed you deserts so delight, never too bland
Very innocent, petite running along the sand
Your beauty so bold, can never be canned
Why you were sent? Was hard to understand

At first I wasn’t sure this is want
Though it was a done deal after all the things I bought
But when you cried mommy, reached out for my hand
It became so clear, why I love you so grand
Why didn’t I see it? Why was I so blind?
Took a moment to search way down deep inside
Realized I was blessed with a gift from the heavenly land
Why you’re my baby was easy to see, easy to understand

-Britney Davis
​ON, Canada