Do you oversit?
Because I sure oversit.
I oversit all the time!
When my wife was bored
And wanted a divorce,
I oversat.
When my daughter went berserk
Complaining about homework,
I oversat.
And when the vet told me how
It was time to put Bruce down,
I oversat.
Of course I was sad and annoyed,
But that’s not the point!
It’s oversitting that’s important.
To oversit is to see,
To see is to know,
And to know the world around you
Can only help to grow your mind,
And perhaps, in time,
The world will come to oversit you.
Is this making any sense?

Sure, the doctor says it’s bad for my health,
All this sitting and little standing in my life
But hey!

I oversit completely
And so should you!