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  • Understanding?

    Understanding? How, with these twisted fates, of contempt?
    Minds, Bodies, Souls, aging Hearts, that yearn for exempt.
    Juiced, needles piercing, empty frame, with aching skin.
    Soiled, bodies of women, raped blank, by dark man's sins.
    Kids, killing kids, blood stained hands, eyes of no remorse.
    Bruised, Battered wives sullened, blinding fists, raging force.
    Hardened Education, murdered students, blood curling rings.
    Words abusing children, scarring confidence, with hateful sting.
    Innocence taken, ashamed pictures, of a blameless child.
    Acts of theft, assault, and murder, stalked, from a person riled.
    Understanding? How can't we, If not, than who?
    Would, lead these off course, beings, gently on through.
    To the sunlight, and kindness, a comforting path, to build on.
    Removing all darkness, building esteem that once was gone.
    Understanding? Who can Not, in a World that needs it so.
    If we had no Understanding, we'd live in frightful woe.

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