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  • This is for you

    This is for you
    The one who has been beaten, mistreated, lied to and confused
    This is for you
    The one who fears for his life, prays while he fights, learns lessons through life and smiles even though things ain't alright
    This is for you
    The one whose image has been tainted, fantasies been painted, character assassinated and whose soul's been reincarnated
    This is for you
    The one who goes for what he needs, does his good deeds, comprehends what he reads and too proud to plead on his knees
    This is for you
    The one who should know his natural place, stop competing in this race, chalk lines left to be traced because a pale mind chumps your brown face
    This is for you
    The one who's been hated, manipulated, genetically castrated, and whose image is rarely celebrated
    This is for you
    One who grew up without a father said fuck it why bother
    he lives up the block yet won't try harder
    I'm thirsty for his love and not water
    This is for you
    One who watched his mama sweat and took notes so he didn't forget what it took to get him where he went
    oh yes, college money well spent
    This is for you
    one who fathered civilizations
    that spread across many nations while his children turned a disgrace and
    This is for you
    one who idolizes the media
    researches his history through Wikipedia
    thinks he knows everything yet never picked up an encyclopedia
    This is for you
    the one who created science, math and history
    whose story is all a mystery
    to a people without a validated history
    This is for you
    the one who sags his pants to the ground
    who looks more lost than he does found
    and whose voice has no sound
    This is for you
    The one who respects his baby mama because she gave him all his children
    but uses bait to gain women like fish he is reeling
    This is for you
    the one who fought in the 60s because he was sick of protesting in the 50s
    saying "overcoming is a bitch bee"
    This is for you
    the one who likes them bright and alright
    yet his mama is looking like midnight
    so it doesn't sit with him right
    if her looks are not pleasing his sights
    This is for you
    The one who thinks he has it all
    from his rise down to his fall
    yet denying his ancestors calls
    This is for you
    the one who feels he has something to prove to the world
    because he's less boy than he is girl
    taking Erica places while forgetting about Earl
    This is for you
    The one who claims to know who he is
    yet can't recall what he did
    and when you're serious he wants to kid
    because in his locked down mind, adolescence is his longest bid
    This is for you
    You see I'm writing this because I care
    as I see y'all in despair
    they started killing you all off as they see it being fair
    Let's keep them all in check since they act like savages and beasts
    first we string them, I mean bling them on their necks and tie them at the feet
    You see all they want is the money and only concerned about the bitches
    holding blocks down, corner to corner, never really obtaining any riches
    the black man is sad and he thinks he has it good
    from the stockbroker on Wall Street, to the niggas out in the hood
    He's too dumb to overstand that the world doesn't want him here
    no matter how many suits and ties you place on him, the world sees HIM as their biggest fear
    He's gone from being the epitome of perfection, to something lower than dirt
    they say he commits violence on his own and that's what truly hurts
    He was elevated then degraded regulated then segregated
    never can be duplicated
    so everyone grew to hate him
    He is your doctors and your teachers
    your scholars and your preachers
    your lower frequency beings
    and your higher knowledge seekers
    He is the man you say you love, the one you married anyway
    the one whom you made your baby daddy
    and according to you, the one who'll never stay
    He is the rasta of the islands and the aboriginal from down under
    he is the one who can make it rain
    and the God who can make it thunder
    He is a healer in his own way, bringing solace where there is unrest
    he has answers to all your questions, since his life is one big test
    He has to keep a cool demeanor, especially with those in power
    time is truly of the essence because at this time, he is the man of the hour
    They brought us back to '64 because they cannot hide it any longer
    so we come back at them in peace, since our unity is stronger
    I know it's tough to make happen, but we must let them show their colors
    and let love heal the world, since we all need each other
    This is for you, you and you
    the one who lost your faith
    and this is for you, you and you
    The one who has no problem stepping up to the plate
    The time is now for our men, to shine their light upon the world
    realizing we are people of the sun, shining light upon this world
    They say we are all battling two wolves inside us, which in itself is a great danger
    one is cloaked in purity and good, while the other wallows in jealousy and anger
    One who is about love, respect, care and unlimited good deeds
    while the other is filled with lust, deceit, lies and an overabundance of greed
    Who you feed more, determines the victor of it all
    so be careful of what you're eating, and stand up before you fall
    This is for you, you and you
    It can't get more clearer than this
    so this is for you, you and you
    the great one and one of God's most precious gifts