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The Calling Sound

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  • The Calling Sound

    There is a sound, riding on the wind, like rising foam surfing ocean waves.
    I can feel the tremble of its energy vibrating through me, moving me, even as I stand still.
    My heart beats out the rhythm of a mystery that frightens and excites me.
    With my face raised to the silver-blue of the endless skyline,
    there is something here I need to find.

    Fear of the unseen shadows me, yet something tells me I cannot cower here;
    like a magnet engaged the sound compels me.

    I look beyond the painted grass, passing the slopes of the broken hills.
    My eyes determined and focused as I seek that nameless thing.
    That sound, that voice, that dances across my mind;
    pulling me to unknown spaces with the hopes that I might find
    “Truth” unfiltered as my hope realigns.

    The gates of my mind fling open wide, brimming with uncharted dreams.
    I am comforted by the tempo of possibility that now resides in me.
    The rhythm repeats growing louder with each beat, like thunder it rolls through my mind.
    Old fear recede and only clarity is left behind.

    D.K. Dawnning
    Hollywood, FL.
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