By Angela Guthrie Hatcher

Can you fathom such a piercing
It reaches the marrow of your bones
An enigma, incredible and unrelenting
The misery, I wish, remained unknown

Could I, but ask you to imagine
What has ripped my world apart
Like sharp talons on a dragon
Raced this dagger through mine heart

Perhaps, if I could paint a picture
Of my soul, still bleeding out
Upon your thoughts, an ugly fixture
What these roarings are about

A darkness invades, echoing along...
Everything went so drastically wrong...

I am lost for truest explanation
Bound to bear the curse, undone
Unless, by cutting revelation
You've come to feel it as your own

My will is broken, my spirit is crushed
By moves one made without discernment
Words left, unspoken into desire, rushed
May never fully claim atonement

I believed a lie---how much it costs me
For to another's arms, he ran
And oh, the edge on his adulteries
Dost now, my wounds, thou understand?

No, I am not this strong...