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Where Do I Belong?

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  • Where Do I Belong?

    This life isn't fair
    Why do people hate me
    My heart cannot be repaired
    By the way they treat me

    Is this all in my head?
    Am I in a dream?
    My heart is being ripped to threads
    I just wanna be in a team

    There is a black shadow
    Over my soul
    My heart can't overflow
    Because it's filled with coal

    I'm just who I am I won't apologize
    I own my pain that I thought you'd recognize
    If you don't like the real me it's okay
    Hopefully nobody ever makes you feel this way

    I opened the deepest part of me up to you
    It was honest and raw you didn't have a clue
    Sometimes it's hard to be me
    My pain, most of the world does not see

    Why do people reject love?
    Is the question on my mind
    Is it because of past rejection
    of people who were so unkind?

    Or maybe because they don't know God
    And bitterness has filled their hearts
    Because without God
    Love and peace can have no part

    Where do I go when I'm trying to laugh
    But all I can do is cry?
    I'm trying to keep on living
    Because I'm not ready to die

    Where do I go?
    Because the sun never seems to shine
    Can I have my life back,
    It's not yours it's mine?

    Where do I go?
    Does it take very long?
    For me to find peace
    And a place where I belong

    I need you to help me,
    Help me take a stand
    I'm scared to do it by myself,
    Will you take my hand?

    You had a promise
    That I thought you would keep
    You said you would be honest
    And now I can't fall asleep

    I don't understand
    Why you push me far away
    The world's in my hand
    I just wanted to stay

    All I need is a hand
    To fix this mistake
    I'm holding on by a stand
    That is about to break