Tell me, Why do you cry?
Stale tears adorn your eyes.
Un-cracked Cocoons.
Broken Butterfly.
Suffocated by false perceptions, please don't box me in!!.
breathing slowed, lack of creative oxygen.
when your whisper become screams!!!
hanging from the rope that used to be dreams.
blurred lines, vision skewed!
when everybody tells you, how to be you!
Mama was this, so I AM supposed to be that.
the norm is the norm,
and I dare not defy
but you can see the burning sensation trapped in my eye.
bumper to bumper traffic,
Saturday's coffee in my Monday mug.
Thursday I am wearing Tuesday's breakfast.
clock in clock out, the vicious cycle repeats.
I'm clocking out!!
content with building someone else's dream
while demolishing mine.
road blocks, detours, and stop signs
all to get to my potential.
living a purposeless life has been the consequential.
my hands tingle with creative sensations .
becoming content sitting right next to complacent .
dreams that make you so uncomfortable,
you don't know how it could be.
I wasn't born to fit in.
no puzzle piece, to the bigger picture.
I am the elephant in the room
your scared to address
but its so obvious!
I didn't just find it over night.
I stumbled into my potential .
it takes strength, one must be courageous
and after a while being different will be contagious
I was once where you are,
scared to make a move.
but if you don't look for it,
it's not guaranteed it will run into you.
Understand its more than what meets the eye, easier than it seems
but you may get stuck in a nightmare, building someone else's dream!