We have wars,

still raging like boars..

On verge of starting a few more.

Our country pimps us like wh#res....

We say we fight for what's right.

For liberty and all her might.

For humanity the dawn of light,

we say we'd never lose sight.

So tell me how this is right....

Taking families not involved in the fight.
Killing the parents on sight.
Raping the children is no metaphor I write.
Slaying pets to show our superior might..

Try it at home and we'll hang you at first light..

But it's alright
cause at home we're haunted by memories of buildings falling from flight.
Turning nefarious acts into what we call right.
Applauding malice intent while saying we'll never lose sight...

We're the first to step in, when a genocide begins.
We say we will never forget and we won't ever bend.
That we must kill'em all even the ones who only crawl so there's no chance of revenge.
Justifiable genocide by the hands of our men.

Our we still proud to say we're americans.......

Did you forget

we're all humans...

-S. Wayne