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    Meet david scott, a spoiled person that hated the lower class a lot,
    He Never understood the struggles,
    he didn't like interracial couples, and believed that anybody that wasnt upper class were like animals that belonged in the jungle,
    he thought he would always live a life of luxury but his life would slowly crumble,
    Had a upper class family he was supported by his wealthy parents,
    But he was still disrespectful speaking with profanity he wasn't caring,
    He Didnt like the homeless and hated immigrants,
    He thought they were the absolute lowest he was extremely ignorant,
    Homeless people would ask for spare change,
    Dave would just tell them "fuck off" and spit in they're face,
    One day his parents passed away,
    they're money they're place, would stay with dave,
    The money he started wasting quick,
    He didn't even wait a bit,
    He wanted to have fun,
    He had a drinking problem he was always drunk,
    started experimenting with drugs,
    Eventually got addicted became a junkie,
    Was always high day and night he wasted all his money,
    Accidentally burned his house down to the ground, down to the floor had no where to go,
    he became homeless he couldn't face it,
    you see david became what he hated,