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Understanding (懂)

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  • Understanding (懂)

    Understanding (懂)

    There are multifarious methods to learn or know the way.

    Cool Punta Gorda early, feeling grain-texture-pattern under-barefoot.
    Purposeful meditation-walk absorbing all surroundings, all senses:
    sight; white-blue swirl sky, beige, brick-red, green palm tree brown, houses, trees, grounds – blur,
    sound; wind chimes, rustling foliage, distant traffic, birdsong, & low-decimal buzz of being,
    smell; pollen gales, ocean tinge, cut grass, humid twinge, wafting flora scents,
    taste; ripe air, taint of moisture, hint of salt, winter in Florida like spring in Colorado,
    touch; each stride siphoning Earth’s energies, breathing unity with pulsating planet’s wind.

    Recycle thought to path. The brick placed here by workers sweating under same sun
    work to benefit unknown people. The stone grew from Earth blood
    & crawled to the surface where it waited hundreds of millions of years
    until a company appeared, excavated & shaped it to become a piece of path
    I would walk upon. Me, product of chance on a miraculous universal
    scale. Probability of occurrence so infinitesimally low, scientifically I shouldn’t
    have happened at all. Consider my genetic lineage tens of thousands of years & longer
    in length. If even one of my ancestors didn’t procreate with each other, or live
    long enough to do so, I literally couldn’t exist! Had my father & mother never hooked
    up, if their parents hadn’t, & they not had an accident, I wouldn’t be here. If out of all
    the millions of sperm I hadn’t gotten there first to fertilize my mom’s egg, it wouldn’t
    be me here. But the craziest part is that it’s exactly the same for everyone,
    seven billion times over, on the world today.

    Inexhaustible are the manifold devices for understanding truth.

    Same when language was invented, ideas it represented/
    using smarts & time, arts hidden behind hearts & minds fermented/
    a strong draft & dose/
    befitting, even benefitting a song’s craft, lapses in our synapses, & a host/
    of others to make you laugh until lungs collapse, or so morose/
    you could assemble symbols, parts it takes to make hearts break & overdose
    to the utmost/on misery & pain/
    strange like to manufacture a disaster, guess it’s a mess is an old refrain, but history can explain/
    past arrangements of presents engagements/
    lead us to avoid or be destroyed by unpleasant estrangements & entanglements/
    repetitions, renditions, or new editions of cycles & patterns/
    we aren’t copies or inventions (somewhere between), slews of views & visions, revivals half-earned/
    in procreation, insinuations rampant as our associations on tangent courses universal,/
    rather with all, sources purposeful from the primordial./
    “All is one,” the sanguine anthem,/although dismally we’re initially
    predisposed to suppose this supposition mentioned is a genuine phantom/
    with no evidence to substantiate; nevertheless the cleverest can attest
    its relevance can fascinate/
    those of intelligence can contemplate/
    the awesomeness of consciousness, the culmination of life & its works/
    is manifestation of the powerful soul & ocean of emotions from within the multi-verse./
    What of the ramifications of this expostulation of representations?/
    The alaya and amala consciousnesses/
    humankind never ceasing in releasing, bequeathing, or piecing together the consequences/
    more stars than sand grains, alternate realities, & parallel existences/
    our will can still demand we explain.
    Sustain through unfortunate fatalities, compelled to excel against resistances/
    even words have meanings transcending their being, how much more you & I?/

    To describe, we ascribe to words ideas & names to onomatopoeias & games,
    cornucopias of communications/
    without which none of this exists. Neolithic revolution’s implications/
    for the futures are our present: computes, electricity, metallurgy, vaccinations,/
    human needs provided for, surgeries, medicines, cities, inhabitations/
    art, music, poetry, literatures, videos, transportations;/
    living in luxuries & privileges beyond our ancestor’s imaginations./
    It demands whether our own kind’s minds & machination’s/
    designs align & intertwine with, & don’t get maligned or ensnared in errors/
    with the selected objectives of our forbearers:/
    we improve the lives of our descendants./
    Predecessors & successors both are our dependence/dependents.
    Yet what we enjoy today depended on words & understanding/
    to preserve the wonder expanding./
    Make no mistakes, words can create or shape reality into exciting advantages,/
    therefore, we can make & recreate reality using writing & languages./

    There are countless means by which we grasp ultimate comprehension.

    The Great Teacher Tiantai Zhiyi of China
    formulated 3,000 realms in a single life-moment.
    Concept-wise & philosophically I grasp minute the meanings.
    Conveying the teachings is another matter,
    yet I try my utmost, as did those before me.
    Post-modernists contended words carry no meaning,
    or that fact & fiction are the same, and there is no Truth,
    but were defeated in In Defense of History,
    & ironically enough by their own words used
    conveying their ideas. Thousands of years prior,
    adherents of the Ch’an & Zen schools of Buddhism,
    tried to articulate similar claims,
    contending Enlightenment, truth, or understanding,
    cannot be confined to mere words, even going as far
    as to say words are meaningless,
    unable to convey true comprehension.
    But first Nagarjuna in India refuted them,
    then in China Tiantai defeated their ideas,
    and finally in Japan Nichiren overturned these views.
    Without words & understanding, reading, writing, & communication,
    mankind couldn’t have progressed to our amazing station today.

    Things are created with a purpose in mind,
    but the created often create a newer purpose.
    We are the same.
    We yearn for similar dreams,
    let’s work together with that basic starting point.

    What is understanding?
    Understanding is not an explanation.
    It is a doing, a being.
    Just as swimming, snowboarding, skydiving, or living,
    is not an explanation, but a doing, a being.
    We never know whether the road we built
    may cause drivers to die someday,
    nor whether if we took time to say a few simple words
    of compassion & understanding the lives we could save.
    But we must be mindful, careful, & seeking the correct course.
    Explaining understanding may require understanding,
    but it is foremost an ability, a teaching, a sharing.
    The same teachings enabling humankind to live
    as it does today, standing on the shoulders of giants,
    sheltered in the loving embrace of Mother Earth,
    nestled in the womb of the stars,
    drifting with our destinies
    in the sea of the universe…

    Existing are many paths & roads to reach the top of the mountain,
    to arrive at the point of understanding.