I can't handle all of these bullies
No not anymore
It's all to much
I am falling to the floor

Screw this intimidation
Just make it stop
It's stopping my respiration
I'll never make it to the top

All of these girls
Think they are size 2
They push and punch me
Not much that I can do

They think that they are perfect
But nobody can be
They think that they can work it
But there's things that they don't see

I lost my voice
I can't say a word
All of these rumours
Are being spoken and heard

I go home crying
I feel like dying
But I know that's not the way

I have to go to school
Because I need to learn
Different directions
I don't know which way to turn

My life is a game
Like tic tac toe
I will never be the same
I don't know where I should go

They just let me fall
Under the ground
Behind these walls
So I will never be found

They call me names
Like who does it concern?
Like what is the point?
What do you get in return

All of this crap
That you throw in my face
We should all be loved
No matter the sexe or race

I know I am different
But can't you be my friend
How did this start?
This doesn't have to be the end