POEM # 307

Days are long, days are cruel,
Every day we live is a duel.
No food no shelter affects our lives,
Death always present, hiding like spies.
People turn their heads, from me,
Their good life secure, if they don't see.
A box my shelter, keeps out the cold,
My home so warm, until it was sold!
When the loan was made, banker so kind,
Until I was three payments behind.
Locks changed, possessions loss,
Lives mean nothing, just things to toss!
Money and Wealth! What it's about!
Those who have it! Have all the clout!
Bankers will try, to put me in the ground,
I will not be broken, riches will be found!
Rising from the ashes once more,
Laughing when I knock on their door.
Standing before them another gold mine,
Expecting my offer at their shrine!
On my terms, I want the deed,
Here's your money for your greed!

Written by Carl Mann
The kurlman
Pleasant Hill, Ohio