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The Devil's Understanding

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  • The Devil's Understanding

    My sanity is slipping
    Dripping between the cracks of my pores
    Ready, about to lose to the insanity of vain capacity
    For i understand the life in store, some mess to clean, a world full of chores

    Responsibilities and more, i heave and sweat
    Knowing of a disastrous threat, ahead my way
    Without a say, towards a future we all share today
    A slave to society's will, i simply must obey

    But within the anger of this impending descent
    I was lent the keys to re-create my ascent
    Found within the inner voice of a silent chill
    That shared my voice to preach for a thrill

    So my poetry became my vent with a purpose, the intent
    To open the eyes of those who wish to rise
    Fly above and open the sky within their high
    By a kingdom's love for freedom to come

    Because I understand why we live like a mess
    Feeling all stressed while receiving much less
    Its not that hard, so take a guess
    This world is crazy and we wish to not confess

    Of the world we hate to avoid the choices we detest
    Since our true wish seems to be of what we can deflect
    Never to reflect upon our heavenly sins for material pleasures
    As we dwell within the hell of our unholy endeavors

    How clever we must think we are
    Destroying each other as we reach for our star
    No matter how far or the people we hurt
    But what's worse is when we fall and then curse

    Damn it all for the displeasure that followed
    Unable to swallow the pain in a face screamed red
    As Our hearts were carved hallow and the soul was left dead
    All because we never cared to what was fed to our head

    So please listen as i truly understand
    U plan a life based out of a world in strife
    Left impaled by the knife of the few in greed
    Studying their creed that teaches u the deed

    How not care for the people of our kind
    Individuals by design with no connection to find
    Because born were our stars that grew in misalignment
    Lost to the souls we placed within confinement

    So u must understand, the time has come to set it free
    Only so long u can contain it within thee
    For It shall call forth a disaster to help u see
    To end the resistance and simply let be