Endless times the world I’d rewrite
From nothing, for what else is nothing for
A thousand battles I’d boldly fight
And if I lost still thousands more

Without knowing what it’d achieve
Perhaps without knowing what I sought
But ending there I couldn’t conceive
Until came a pernicious little thought

It walked under the guise of wisdom
Teaching what it held I should know
That some things will just never come
That we should accept and let go

There are winds we cannot alter
And small wrenches we must endure
Beliefs so reasonable I did falter
Of my world I was no longer sure

I wondered in silence when at long last
Standing under the starry sky
I found one word I couldn’t move past
A half-forgotten song: Why

At the very end of it all
When the clouds are grey and dense
When there are no more leaves to fall
I’ll still have my innocence