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Despondent Lover & The Weary Fool

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  • Despondent Lover & The Weary Fool

    Despondent Lover & The Weary Fool

    Her hidden heart
    ached for requited love,
    Like all young girls' do.
    Still, she choose to suffer,
    preferring the hunger
    to the jugglers and clowns.

    Her innocent trembling body
    has waited so long
    to be held, touched, loved and understood.
    The ineradicable misery of her
    treasured youth
    tempered in time
    by the man
    Most women never wait for

    A once fleeting heart
    brought him no mercy,
    for no man is painless to the true.
    With raw roaring blood,
    he won over the mountains.
    A war painted warrior
    awaiting his queen.

    Now he carries a captive power,
    safer than a shield of stone.
    A misspent strength
    only few have known.
    A man's very nature
    is his chosen women's crutch
    The wild wooded arrow
    is only his to shoot.
    She'll take his hand and close her eyes,
    If she can bear the fruit

    Despondent lover and the weary fool
    Not by destiny
    but stubborn determination,
    an unwillingness
    to settle upon an unsustainable soul.
    He kept
    half the key to eternal life
    bestowed deep inside himself
    For the other half,
    he held in his arms.
    And for him
    I choose to wait,
    for the glory of God
    and for each other
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