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A Wrongful Understanding

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  • A Wrongful Understanding

    Why is the sky blue?
    Why can't mother be here too?
    I saw her in a dream last night,
    At first it gave me such a fright,
    I got to see her sweet face once again,
    I thought it was an amazing bargain,
    Until realization came over me,
    And I wasn't able to see,
    My vision became blurry,
    Then my heart was filled with fury,
    I don't understand,
    This can't be!
    All I wanted was for my mother to see me!
    It is not fair,
    Why did she leave?
    That damn woman always had something up her sleeve.
    I don't understand why,
    All I ever do is sit here and cry,
    Would I see her if I die?
    I don't know why, but I am going to try.