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Explaining Us To Them

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  • Explaining Us To Them

    Explaining us to them is an art project
    With finger paints of mess and rainbows.
    Stories between the lines and sidewalk chalk memories.
    We are childhood the sunshine painted in the top corner.
    We are colored outside the lines and vibrant within.
    Explaining us to them is asking for a story time that will last all day.
    We are the clay projects still taking shape, left behind, rolled out and kn(need)eaded.
    We are paper mache' statues that cast dark shadows.
    Our makers followed directions but only part way.
    Our sketchbooks have ripped pages, torn seams and comic book bad dreams stenciled in without permission.
    We are penciled self portraits with features so familiar.
    I see your gazes when I look into my mirrors.
    Explaining us to them is a list of blended colors.
    Red, purple, orange, my blue, your yellow and we are green landscapes of life.
    Our lessons drying one at a time. We are wiser and waiting to go home.
    Explaining us to them is like water color horizons with artists and details the same, hanging wall to wall, beautifully without the frames.