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Skit-Zoned Schizo - Scattered Love

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  • rhymarhyma
    Whoa. Absolutely, beautifully brilliant. No doubt.

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  • Freak Wincey
    started a poll Skit-Zoned Schizo - Scattered Love

    Skit-Zoned Schizo - Scattered Love

    Poetic =)
    Where does the sky dive?
    Provoked my thoughts!
    Understand….define just what you can
    I need time and you, you want space from me.
    Hand in hand-Your free mind, would star gaze low-keys.
    Unlock places, flee sunblocked fantasies.
    Tick tock taken me up top, hands we meet,
    A struck clock taps its feet upon planets streets.
    Impromptu choreography, adore the ology of your sweet body heat
    A few 'times',
    The moon shine was not make believe,
    Enlighten good vibes. In light and good vibes
    the dark wakens dreams on star spangled streaks.
    I’ve got crazy jeans, thoughtful blues to sea.
    The eyes of night talk so fluently, the wild side of nativity
    Fireflies by our side, the warmths congruency as wise and bright
    as the thoughts and views of each acoustic speech amusing me.
    I’m into deep, out at beauties reach
    Who did they learn from? Authenticity?
    New schools teach soul food to me, I’m full of sweets like the juice I bleed
    It jest might be the u i c
    Old tricks get revitalized and all these kings are clowns on booster seats.
    I got a childs mind, in a brewing beasts den,
    pursuing peace and community zen.
    Silent nights so loud and luminous
    Wild life grown out flowers blooming in
    Mouthed exuberance .
    Bouquets sit in a fruits own pit, free falling into abyss
    and I’m a Fan to see - the roots be quenched.
    Understanding me is too intense
    unless you have a few more senses.
    Counting on the stars like the new world census,
    Drowning out my heart, so you could view fluorescence.

    Maybe you don’t even have to open up
    The incomprehensible jabberwocky

    Curtseys and skirt steaks,
    Girl wait, I’m no king
    certainly the curts raised
    The thrones game, and you’re into role-play
    Spot light like cirque du soleil
    Invoke the whole stage/ the facade of walls break
    The cascade of falls shade, lets cool off in stone caves
    Your silhouette radiates a ballet like candle flames that glow sway, the false shade is a blaze.

    Lets get this all straight
    This is my work day, Im so late
    I called sick, my throat aches, my cough drops in hall ways,
    Upstairs got the flu, I’m okay, really lion here with a rose blade
    In my vertebrae, pioneering the matinee
    Tryna cast some change, in my unnatural state
    My heart breaks out its rib cage
    My sharp brain switch blades with my core taste and forte
    In my cortex the folds gray with gold 'chainge'
    My conscious remains

    War tanks / tore knots severed and ties broke, hare raised in foxholes, back to get air, if Eye choke,
    Death stares with eyes closed, the rise fall of lifes force realized though, that gravity can’t defy souls.
    Minds blown? Hmm shoot, I won’t.
    Where did all the time go? You ask, as if I know? It went by too fast, and we tried slow...
    Its said to heal, but if time broke, let me stitch it up, you could lie low, for a while... who knows? just count on me for a… smile
    Eyes count on you to keep it dialed.
    Worst thing, ya jaw drops, word banks been forgot, I find you when your lost, find me when off course
    It cost grace lets talk god, church faith this is for pops, of course mom and the whole flock,
    Im sherlocked, no shit down me more off, than sore hearts, hurt haint endured shots, like first pain in love lost,
    Refrain FULL the core us, freest frame and record touch - memo-re-played in portions of forceless extortion,
    Awana Ohana, speed race with karma,

    Meet angels on corners and cross roads, no cross walks more plus, than your aux
    shore talk and long paws like leopards on boardwalks, short talk and fun runs on bored walks.
    Never miss a step in your lighthouse, when the ships a wreck your that bright route
    Dormant explorers alert as the world tours - each wormhole gets ‘squirmish'
    This scrolled map is torched, hot as all sparks, soul hearts don’t fall back to robots, but still do transform ours.
    I know that the lords got his own scars, I throwback my worst plot and hone art to show charm.
    Those arms that hold on and squeeze tight don’t let go, they’re so warm, the colds gone.
    Love X, O’s on hallmarks, rec halls and ball parks, like dance floors of doorknobs, handles that turn bods,
    ANTHROPOMOR-FOX - trot in pandoras broke box.
    The twisters on roadblocks strip search your clothed thoughts,
    Emerges pure art, and wear even closer,
    Lips surf each necks curve, and share secret holsters that carry peace over,
    Whispers of folklore, while scriptures the core door.

    Builders in store for a passage no corridor could hold off.
    From your tiptoes to shoulders, and hipbones to tress hold the visual so special
    Elixir composure, in finite - found closure
    This roller coaster aint finished or over

    "The trip begins..."
    Another interest in elliptic wind, whispers kindled kin within my skin...
    Lifting thin cilium, silly umm…yes I am - forgive my sins , whisk er...gen again
    Skit zoned in but the script don’t stick,
    Schizo warred, won’t fight,
    on an indo board called life.

    Ellipses grin with lipstick hinged to lips tripping…
    than twist and spin, another pyramid figurine figuring
    it's three eyes are blind as loves triage is kind...
    Freak Wincey - Zachary Puglisi
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