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  • The Call

    Love can begin with just a glance; it is a soulful connection seen in the eyes.
    A hopeless romantic will spot that look in an instant and embrace it full force.
    There, we lay ourselves open to all that will be.
    In the most mundane setting, this happened to me, and thus I write:

    The Call

    My guts they churn, my head it does reel,
    I must tell her how I feel.
    My thoughts pervade my wakened sleep,
    That that is disturbs me deep.

    The little things that make love grand,
    It is on these that I stand.
    Acceptance and truth they please me so,
    It is my place to let her know.

    My eyes of blue they shine, she sees my bliss,
    Could anyone pass on this?
    I touched her heart with just my glance,
    A burning fire in new romance.

    She touches my flesh and strokes my hair,
    Full of affection, this maiden fair.
    She speaks of me as fit, and a healthy man,
    One she’d admire all she can.

    Like that I am, in no other she sees,
    Her heart is open, that we be.
    A heart so huge and she carries it well,
    Could it be a witch’s spell?

    I buy her dinner, we sit, we chat,
    She’s in love, I’m sure of that.
    She speaks our future that we might share,
    So deep in love with no compare.

    We plan a date most tentatively,
    A time for us, a time to be.
    We’ll walk, we’ll talk, we’ll share in delight,
    Maybe even into the night.

    I place the call, and she answers with joy,
    There is no point, my being coy.
    “I’m breaking our date, the relationship too”
    “There will be, no me and you”

    Of course she asks “What led you to this”?
    “You’re in your mind, blind to bliss”.
    “You’ll change your thoughts, just give me a chance”,
    “After all, it’s a new romance”.

    “Why don’t we keep our date and let us be real”?
    “Then you can see how you really feel”.
    “I just love to joke; I’d accept that you are”,
    “Don’t let your mind our love to mar”.

    But she’d cut my hair that it be like a man,
    Even my beard, my jowl now to tan.
    All those places I go and the things that I do,
    By her words, I should now rue.

    And I do rue, she has the number to my phone,
    Now she’ll never leave me alone.
    Caller ID, a blessing it is, her voice to gird,
    Perhaps in silence my words be heard.

    The cage that she painted, it glittered with gold,
    But it is my truth, that she would mold.
    I’m breaking our date, the relationship too,
    There will be, no me and you.

    Major Finis
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