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    It's 2:00 PM
    And I'm still stuck at school.
    Sixth period is history.
    This is just cruel.
    I'm trying to see the whiteboard
    But I can't see through my glasses.
    I don't understand history.
    I wish I had different classes.
    I get a different prescription
    And get my lenses replaced.
    But at the same time the next day
    Yesterday's work was erased!
    I'm trying to hear a lecture
    But everyone else is talking.
    I don't understand English.
    This is just shocking.
    After class I ask
    If I can move my seat.
    But I find out next class
    That the unit’s complete.
    I have to write notes
    But my pencil’s out of lead.
    I don’t understand Spanish
    I’m losing my head.
    Afterwards I discover
    that the notes are due tomorrow.
    Why can’t there be
    Some pencils that I can borrow?
    In a lab I have to use tweezers
    But my hand is really unstable.
    I don’t understand chemistry
    May I use a lower height table?
    Later that day I find out
    That the tweezers were not required.
    I could have used the mesh
    Why had I not inquired?
    You know what, I’m here to learn.
    I slowly raise my hand.
    The words I mutter:
    “I don’t understand.”