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To Get Up At All

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  • To Get Up At All

    To Get Up At All

    I hear so many voices declaring what's right,
    And everyone wants me to see in a new light.
    They say things and I do my best to hear,
    But, really their morals are embedded in fear.

    You can't tell me you feel all that's been felt,
    Or know what cards that I have been dealt.
    You can't say strength, and suddenly be strong.
    You'll figure it out, it doesn't take long.

    Life is not about knowing, it's all about learning.
    It's your bride running from the alter, never returning.
    Life is not a path, painted black and white.
    It's a rainbow of gray against the darkest night.

    Beautiful and sad, like an opera or play,
    It dances and fights till your very last day.
    Enemies and friends are one and the same,
    And you won't find peace in that lovely dame.

    It has no emotion, no reason for giving.
    It makes you wonder why you're even still living.
    It doesn't love you or hate you in any way.
    It just makes you get up to see another day.

    It won't be your friend, your lover, or guide.
    It won't make all those awful feelings subside.
    It will just watch all the choices you make,
    Looking at which sides you decided to take.

    It is not a gift from some higher power,
    Watching your sins turn a good soul sour.
    It is just a rhyme or riddle stuck in your head.
    Confusing you, till the day you are dead.

    Life is a gift from me to myself.
    Sitting on the edge of a very high shelf.
    Knowing how to reach it is part of the war.
    Another part is simply getting up off the floor.

    To be clear, it's just a battle of wits
    Between you and yourself and the angry fits.
    Learning to beat yourself is a good start,
    But loving yourself is truly life's art.

    Don't be afraid of yourself and stand up straight.
    Don't worry so much, you're going to do great.
    Just listen to what yourself has to say
    Because who else matters at the end of the day

    It won't be easy, don't get me wrong.
    The climb will kill you, and it doesn't take long.
    It isn't the path or goal we live to attain;
    It's all about loving and trying to explain.

    We live to breathe and vice versa is true.
    No one can help you live, excluding you.
    Its not about winning or trying not to fall,
    Its all about the strength you found to get up at all.