One day, when wand’ring in a lonely wood,
I chanced to see a spark—a light ahead
So quick was there; quick gone again from me
Now I was left to ponder what I’d seen

Of all the things I’d seen in all my years
Not even once had I beheld such light
It firmly held a place inside my mind
And I, at once, set off to search it out

As I began, I noticed something strange:
The world stood still, and silence filled the air
It seemed I’d entered into some new world,
Where I alone could strive to seek and learn

I hastened now to where I’d seen the light
And lo! All it had touched still dimly shone!
I stood there struck by awe and wonderment
And failed to note what strange thing had begun

Around me many more lights had appeared,
Which danced and spun and raced around my head
Surprised, I smiled and laughed delightedly
And in my eyes they saw familiar light

They took me by the hand and drew me up
And as I rose the lights began to swell
‘Til they replaced all darkness in my mind
So I in happiness could e’er abide

My mind once changed could never be changed back
Nor could I keep this newfound light contained
As I returned, my thoughts turned to my task
Of lighting all the world that would give heed