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  • The Knowing

    In the stillness of night, beyond clatter of light, comes truth; comes knowing.
    Revelations descend past mental obstructions and take form.
    It is in this space, this time, that everything becomes clear.

    Then, as we attempt to abstract it all back through the mind, we are bombarded by mass consciousness;
    thoughts that speak we are mad. But are we? I say nay. I have heard; I have seen; and thus I write:

    The Knowing

    What is going on
    Why this madness
    My desires run rampant
    I lie awake
    I want
    I want in the now

    The voices
    They talk to me
    I know beyond knowing
    I see the power of love
    It’s truth
    It’s sharing as one
    I know it

    Our very lives
    Our existence
    It is not in balance with what is
    It is not in balance with truth
    Love is truth
    And by love
    By sharing as one
    It is by that
    And that alone
    That we live long
    We thrive
    We grow beyond singularity
    We rejuvenate
    We expand

    It is by the lack of we that the I dies
    The I is eternal in we
    For the I does not exist there
    My desire then
    My desire then is to share
    To be as one
    How can we not
    Why would we not

    We are not designed to live short
    To die early
    To be of ill
    To bear disease
    To be malformed
    To be alone

    This the Universe speaks to me
    This truth
    This knowing

    We are supplied with desire
    As is the all
    Desire, the potential
    The all
    Love is the all
    Love is sharing
    Love is the expression of the all
    I hear you
    I know you
    I will abide
    How can I not

    Am I mad
    It doesn’t matter
    For I know what is real
    I know what is true
    And by that I live eternal
    By that, I live long even in the flesh

    And with whom shall I share
    All who also hear the voices
    All who also know of truth
    All who also know of love
    All who also live of love
    How can we not

    How can we deny what is real
    How can we live the mundane
    How can we live without desire
    We cannot
    We die
    We rot
    We cease

    And so then
    Will you share with me
    Will you be as one with me
    Will you embrace truth
    Will you embrace love
    Or must we die

    Desire unmet pains
    Pain speaks of death
    For love knows not pain
    There is no pain in love
    There is only pain in desire unmet
    There is only death in desire unmet

    And to whom do I speak
    Only those who hear
    Only those who know
    Only those who feel the fire
    The fire of desire

    I already know you
    You know me
    For we are already one
    All we need do is embrace
    Make that leap
    Let go and enjoin
    Embrace love

    What more is there
    Nothing at all
    Not even the void

    So why not in the now
    Why by some plan
    A plan of the mind
    A harness of the heart
    A shackle of desire
    A crypt for love

    And by whom shall love die
    By whom shall love be denied
    And you call me mad
    You call me insane

    I hear you
    The voices
    The knowing
    There must be others
    It cannot only be my ears
    I am no different
    It is only that I listen
    I see
    I know

    And if we are here
    Then where are we
    How shall others see if we do not embrace
    How shall others hear if we do not share
    How shall other ever know
    How shall others ever love

    To write it on paper as some tribute
    It is hollow
    Scribbles of nothing
    Ideals unmet
    Desire only described
    Desire never lived
    Desire that died

    If you’re out there
    Hear my voice
    See me
    Know me
    Embrace me
    For that is love
    That is I
    That is we

    Therein we can live long
    Live well
    Live life
    Live love
    Live sharing
    There is nothing more

    Hear me lest my voice go mute
    See me lest I cease
    Lest I pass for desire unmet
    Lest I die for love unshared

    Hear me
    See me
    Love me
    And share with me