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  • Inside Out

    It's a battle inside,
    I constant yelling and screaming;
    One side fights yes and the other no,
    And I find that I am lost in the break of it all.

    I can't ever seem to physically show my hurt,
    But in a way, writing suffices enough;
    But to so many just scribbling words on a blank page is still keeping silent,
    But to me, writing is how I scream and shout to the outside world.

    Most never grasp my own articulate ideas,
    But they seem entertained enough by my words;
    Truly they don't know it's my inside coming out,
    But they nod, cry, and laugh with with the things I have to say.

    It was never my intention to actually become something worth while,
    My talents were subjected to being small and unnoticeable;
    Even now they aren't the best of the best,
    But somehow they've become important to people I don't even know.

    I feel jubilated to know that even a few among the many love my work,
    But as well I feel scared, I just can't seem to make sense of my own words;
    They come out of me like water from a pitcher,
    But yet the cup is as hot as iron and the meaning is evaporated.

    I can live daily without writing my heart out,
    But any longer and I start to fade into oblivion;
    I'm scared I'll lose what I think to be the most beautiful thing about me,
    I have yet to learn that I am more than just words on a blank page.

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    Interesting title''good content'


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      Good poetry.