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Why Do We Have These Words?

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  • Why Do We Have These Words?

    Why do we make these words?
    To kill, to fight, attack, divide,
    To flee, to cry, to hate, to die?
    To tremble, to shake, to fear, heartache,
    To push, to have taken, revenge, to mistake?
    Why do we have these words?
    To war, to wander, to argue, regret
    To anger, to torture, prosecute, upset?
    To exile, to avenge, do evil, to lose
    To shot, to have beaten, to bleed, to abuse?
    Why do we take these words?
    To cheat, to have greed, suicide, and death
    To sting, to surrender, to lash, and to test?
    To martyr, a monster, to compare, to keep still,
    To cut, to make secret, to hit, against will?
    Why do we use these words?
    To sell them, to hurt, to jeer, and to taunt,
    To make fun of, of misery, to kidnap, to daunt?
    To terrify, to steal, to rob, to be meaningless in life,
    To burglarize, to stab, to shock, to cause un-endless strife?
    Why do we sustain these words?
    To be flawless, to be wrongful, to be captured, and the least,
    To be horrid, to be hopeless, so forgotten, and deceased?
    To break, and to be broken, to guard, to be vulgar,
    To starve, and to deprive, to poison, and to hunger?
    Why do we accept these words?
    To go to war, to break the peace, to march the night, to be the least,
    To stay away, to hate the day, a barrier, to tease?
    The darkness, to fall, to murder, a bane
    To see Holocaust, a genocide, regret, to defame?
    Why do we make these words we ask, why do have these words?
    Why do we take them, use them, sustain them, and accept them as our own?
    Do we understand what they mean, these few letters, these few words?
    Or do we understand nothing of them, but only hope for the better part of us?
    We alone may turn pariah to messiah, we few, we hopeful few
    And we alone may choose to perish in the flames of the world we knew
    We alone may bless what is here left us, or bid the Earth good-bye
    The time will come someday, somehow, when left are only good sun rays
    These things we may now, nevermore understand
    But realize that these words were breathed to life by our hands
    And now come to wonder, can these words be undone?
    Can these words blow away in the wind, love and sun…?