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Into the Woods of the Mind

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  • Into the Woods of the Mind

    Hi. My name is Understanding.

    Deep in thought, you thought you understood.
    When in reality, you were deep deep in the underwood.

    Amid the tangle, the deep dark tangle, of thoughts woven, chosen, and rewoven,
    Understanding awakes, slowly,
    Arising from hopes, dreams, facts, and merging them into: reality.
    I understand.
    There are many steps involved in leaving the dark tangle to the find the lit path of understanding.

    Deep in thought, you understood.
    Deep in plot, the story unfolds.
    Understanding is reachable, if you would.
    Understanding is looking past misplaced bolds.

    Free in thought, the mind grows.
    Freeing knots, the mind knows.
    It can be difficult, in tumult,
    to acquire the result.

    May you remain standing,
    In your deep understanding.
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