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  • Understanding Heart

    What is understanding?
    And im not talking Calculus class
    But the ability to see through a heart
    Made of opaque glass

    What is understanding?
    An absent nod of the head?
    Claiming that you get it
    When your heart is harder than your head?

    You claim that you understand
    But do you really mean what you say?
    There is no room for understanding
    When reading someone like an economics essay

    And here's the thing about essays
    They aren't desired to be read
    You cant obtain what your not willing
    Info uproots before its chance to embed

    The word Understanding
    Should be an adjective, not a verb
    That way, without even saying them
    The words of the heart will heard

    Is the warming of a heart to another
    It is earnest in listening
    And showing one love as you would to a brother

    Just try to imagine
    The many chains of heartache and pain
    That could be broken by willingness
    An understanding heart does not come with a lack of gain

    Does Understanding describe you?
    When looking at one's heart
    Do you try to see your way through?
    Or are you're priorities for people askew?

    Take this time to self-review
    In your heart you know what is true
    An understanding heart, we should all pursue
    And life here on out will be a better view