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  • Stranger Revealed

    Somehow I'd come to be in this moonless place.
    How long I have been here is unknown;
    but I had always thought I was alone.
    Then I saw him standing as if he were waiting for me.
    And he was.

    He said this road would lead me there.
    He told me that there would be a tree for the resting.
    Listening to his words I waited.
    I waited for his offer to walk with me
    If only to guide me even part of the way there.
    But the offer never came.

    His voice played on like a song I had to learn the lyrics to.
    He warned of moments when the road would bend without shelter
    and rain would be unavoidable.
    Then he held my gaze without wavering and promised
    that I would find another along the road.
    One who would point to the sun when the clouds rolled in.
    Listening carefully I waited.
    I waited for him to introduce himself;
    but he never said his name.

    He spoke with ageless age as he hinted and gestured
    emotions, and experience played across his face.
    He said my soul would often need eyes to see beyond my sight.
    He used words in his teachings that he left undefined.
    Still I listened to this familiar stranger almost hypnotized
    He told me to hold my questions because only I could
    answer them with the help of time.

    The more he spoke, the more I listened, the more the darkness
    began to fade. Suddenly like the dawn I understood the things he said.
    He wanted me to know that my journey would give birth to journeys
    and for some I could choose the end.
    He needed me to know that while I live my heart could indeed be broken creating
    a wound of unforgettable pain;
    but if I were willing to love my heart enough then my broken heart would mend.

    I know now that where I was and where I am are definitions to the stages of me;
    not an engraved blueprint of who I am destined to be.
    I learned so much from this familiar stranger, "Thank you"
    didn't seem to be enough.
    Of all my questions yet to be answered, his name
    I needed to known.

    "I am Life" he answered with a bow and a smile as his face became the sun
    and in that moment I understood LIFE was an ever changing form.
    With this in mind I commit to my journey always
    seeking to learn more.

    By D. K. Dawnning
    Hollywood, Fl