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  • Lunar Reverie

    Tired he waits, suspended in a bleak night sky.
    Contrasting beautifully with the surrounding emptiness.
    Circling endlessly, he looms; an abandoned echo of the earth he is forced to gaze upon eternally.
    His ashen features cry out in loneliness as he speculates the curious creatures slowly damning themselves.
    A caged animal, condemned to stare back at their world with no power to change anything.
    Burning with envy he watches the other planets, ignorantly swimming in color they take for granted.
    Desperately, he gathers himself day after day; finally reaching his night of glory.
    The single evening in which he feels notice is taken.
    A mere twelve nights per year he gets to steal the spotlight, an honor in which earth spends the remainder.
    Is it worth it?
    Awarded only with ungratefulness, he gently drifts off into an exhausted slumber and dreams.
    He imagines himself floating, a selfless luminosity gracing the earth night after night.
    Suddenly he decides to retire.
    His glow flickers, and fades.
    His suicidal intentions tear apart a precarious galaxy.
    Forcing earth, in it’s last minutes, to recognize it’s infinite insignificance.
    A galaxy imploding is a speck of dirt on the sleeve of an interminable universe.
    A self-sustaining organism that has no option but to survive, instantly forgetting the hole it just filled up.
    He wakes, along with his guilty conscience.
    For he has felt this way before.
    Tonight, however, is not one in which his dream becomes reality.
    Patiently he streams soft white light through the windows of those sleeping.
    Quietly begging forgiveness, and secretly longing for approval.