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  • Thank You

    This is to those i give thanks
    its cause of you, that i enjoy my present
    and future days
    life can be short
    but we all get those long days,
    causes us, to forget your sacrifices
    and how you should be appraised
    it shouldn't, just come to one day just to say "thanks"
    but say "thanks" in any given moment of chance
    because for every you are,
    and everything you do
    for all that our lives have been through
    you've never given up one me, ill never give up on you
    it has been tried and true
    I've stop trying and now I'm working on being happy
    i"m going to show, you helped raise me to be a lion
    you'll be so happy, so proud of me
    that, day will one day emerge
    with this relationship forged
    its strongly cause of you, that i can't ignore
    these words and actions are just the beginning
    to a special thank you
    and I love you, I'll one day give you