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  • ​Inspiration

    The dreams that came so slowly once
    Now freely raced about
    Inside my mind they spun and danced,
    All trying to break out

    Their whispers turned to shouts and screams;
    I tried to calm them down
    The more I tried, the more they fought
    For here they'd not abound

    I thought that I was helping them
    By causing them to wait
    But they were ready long ago;
    Already they felt late

    At once I saw what I had done;
    It came so clear to me
    Held in so long, they'd wait no more—
    No longer only dreams

    I let them smash the barrier
    That my mind had become
    At their release, they leapt for joy
    And their light struck me dumb

    Before so loud; all silent now
    I scarce could take it in
    They moved too fast for sight or sound
    I thought back with chagrin

    Imagining where I would be
    If I'd not held them down—
    I snapped back to my present cares;
    A smile replaced my frown

    For now my dreams were all alive,
    Preparing to take flight
    They took me by the hand and then
    Brought me up to the light

  • #2
    A well-shared poem with a thoughtful ending. joy